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ezeep Blue

ThinPrint, Inc.

Secure and Easy Print Management in Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

Easily manage and optimize printing for Windows 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop. ezeep delivers native printing that's 5x faster. Fully AAD-integrated for easy user and printer management. Simple user-based licensing without print job limits.


The easiest print management solution you could imagine
Manage your entire print environment in one place without having to worry about print data security, failover, printer drivers or print servers. AAD groups are synced with ezeep to ensure quick and simple user administration. Local printers are dynamically mapped to users in the session.

Great user experience with super-fast printing
Thanks to compression and streaming, users print 5x faster than before. Users can easily select their own printers and print reliably from every session, whether via desktop, web browser or mobile device.

Highest security standards
ezeep is designed in compliance with EU GDPR and HIPAA and is ideal for zero-trust environments. All print data is transmitted TLS 1.2 encrypted and deleted immediately after printing. Optional user authentication at the printer prevents printouts from being picked up by non-authorized persons at the printer tray.

Say ciao to printer drivers & print servers!
No drivers are needed on the virtual desktop or on the end device because all print jobs are rendered 100% in the cloud. Alongside our cloud-based driver pool, you're spared the hassle of printer driver management and testing. You can easily integrate existing print servers or – even better – replace them entirely with the ezeep Hub.

No VPNs and easy integration of network printers via plug & play
The ezeep Hub makes printers accessible from all locations even when there isn't a PC or server on site. Simply plug the tiny ezeep Hub into the network and all printers become available. Expensive VPN connections for your branch offices are no longer required.

Fairly licensed & socially responsible

No nasty surprises! We only license per user. You don't have to record the number of pages or print jobs as we don't charge for them. Through our partnership with Justdiggit, we offset the carbon footprint of our customers' printing paper and energy use too, helping our customers achieve their CSR goals.

More than just easy printing from Azure
ezeep goes far beyond Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. When you select ezeep, you'll achieve massive ROI as it simplifies printing in just about all scenarios where people need to print.