TigerGraph Cloud for Faster & Better Insights


(9 ratings)

TigerGraph Cloud for Faster & Better Insights


(9 ratings)

Scalable platform for real-time connected data analytics and ML/AI on terabytes of data

Need to get more value from your data? The TigerGraph Cloud scalable graph database as a service is used by some of the world's leading companies to make quicker decisions, know their customers better, and find hidden fraud networks.

Key Benefits:

  • 600x ROI according to 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

  • Deeper insights on live data via in-database graph analytics and customizable algorithms

  • 40x to 300x faster graph queries, according to independent benchmarks

  • Fast time-to-value with Solution Kits and Starter Kits

  • Scale to the size you need: elastic scale-up, massive scale out to 100+ TB

  • AI chatbots with graph-augmented intelligence via TigerGraph CoPilot add-on (Coming Soon)

Businesses who want to get more value out of their connected data turn to TigerGraph. Need easy-to-use kits and low/no-code tools to get value as easily as possible? Need a flexible graph query language and customizable algorithm library to empower your developers to answer the questions that matter to you? Need a scalable platform for your data scientists to apply the latest graph-enhanced analytics/ML/AI technologies? TigerGraph Cloud has it as a cloud-ready service.

What Makes TigerGraph Unique?

  • Built for performance and scale: native graph in C++ with distributed, massively-parallel architecture

  • Handles both real-time transactions and complex analytics on the same distributed database

  • GSQL language - SQL-inspired, high-level, supports pattern matching and analytics for maximum developer productivity

Ease of Use:

  • GraphStudio: visual SDK for developer productivity: modeling, loading, querying, exploring, visualizing

  • Built-in connectors for ultra-fast, parallel ingestion from cloud object storage, Snowflake, Spark, Kafka, and more

  • TigerGraph Insights: no-code graph visualization and analytics

  • Solution Kits: ready-to-go data models, queries, algorithms, and dashboards for key use cases

ML and Analytics:

  • More accurate predictions via ML Workbench add-on for graph-powered ML

  • pyTigerGraph Python driver

NOTE: Subscription to this listing requires configuration on TigerGraph Cloud systems. Please contact us at before continuing to subscribe.