ClideBox: Client Design out of the Box

Trans4mation IT GmbH

ClideBox: Client Design out of the Box

Trans4mation IT GmbH

ClideBox is a Configuration and Test Portal for Windows 10/11 Client design that saves you time.

The migration or update to a new Windows 10/11 version often presents the administrators of the internal IT department with recurring tasks, time-consuming research of all innovations and configuration options, as well as discontinued functions.

ClideBox addresses this problem and offers a professional, supportive self-service to ensure a smooth migration and update as well as subsequent operation of your client operating system.

Our offer is aimed primarily at IT administrators whose task is to keep Windows clients up to date.

With ClideBox you can design your Windows 10/11 Client on your own, with the help of a guided configuration process.

This is all done in an online Configuration and Test Portal for Windows 10/11 Clients running on Azure, you only need a Microsoft Account or an Azure Active Directory Account.

After completing the configuration of your Windows 10 client design, you can test it directly in a VM automatically provided by ClideBox and continue to make improvements and changes.

For this purpose, an Azure VM is automatically generated by ClideBox and provisioned with your individual Windows 10/11 client design.

Once you are satisfied with your configuration, you can trigger the export of your configuration (CSV file) and associated documentation (Word file).

You can also import your configuration directly using Intune.

The standard offer includes one client design, you can of course purchase multiple client designs.

On request we offer additional remote consulting with one of our consultants.

This application is available in english and german.