Nerve Blue - Industrial Edge Software & Management

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Nerve Blue - Industrial Edge Software & Management

TTTech Computertechnik AG

Industrial edge infrastructure allowing remote management and deployment of most shopfloor software

Nerve Blue is

an industrial edge software infrastructure that enables remote management and deployment of almost any production software. Applications can come in the form of

  • Docker containers
  • Windows or Linux virtual machines
  • CODESYS real-time controls

Nerve Blue lets you

  • manage your shopfloor software on assets all over the globe remotely: software located on any of your plants or machines can be patched, updated, rolled out, monitored and logged centrally from wherever you are
  • collect, store and analyze machine data: with its included high-performance gateway and data handling infrastructure, you can grab the shopfloor data in real-time, standardize, normalize and pre-process it at the edge
  • connect to Azure via IoT hub and profit from endless big data processing capabilities

Typical Nerve Blue usecases include

  • legacy software migration and consolidation (based on Nerve virtualization)
  • reduce software complexity and maintenance cost
  • edge analytics to improve machine performance or implement predictive maintenance
  • development of new software-based services and business models for end-customers

Nerve Blue consists of

  • Nerve Blue Device Software on your edge device
  • Nerve Blue Management System hosted on Azure or if required on-prem

Nerve Blue Device Software runs on

most standard industrial INTEL hardware (TTTech qualification required). A range of devices from different manufacturers have already been qualified (e.g. Kontron, Siemens, TTTech, Vecow).

Get started with

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