TwoConnect: Integrate RosettaNet Standards w Azure

TwoConnect - App Modernization & Azure Data Solutions

TwoConnect: Integrate RosettaNet Standards w Azure

TwoConnect - App Modernization & Azure Data Solutions

TwoConnect - Consolidate RosettaNet Standards with Microsoft Azure Services

Consolidate RosettaNet Messaging & Standards with Microsoft Azure Services

In this Proof of Concept we will discuss how to take your supply chain logistics apps to the next level in a fast, flexible & affordable manner by leveraging modern Microsoft Azure technologies.  Modern Microsoft Azure technologies convert data into reliable and useful information that helps reduce administration, storage, development, and server costs.


DAY 1 – RosettaNet Review 

  •  Survey Technical Aspects of existing Rosettanet solution - Discuss and identify potential Azure migration or integration opportunities that would improve your RosettaNet, supply chain & logistics business efficiency.
  •  Discuss Security Requirements 
  •  Identify Accessibility Goals 

DAY 2 – Backend RosettaNet Review 

  • Can modern Microsoft technologies provide seamless Integration between trading partners, applications and vendors?
  • Can Microsoft Azure facilitate the exchange of high volume transactions more efficiently?
  • Can TwoConnect leverage modern Microsoft technologies to streamline the development and deployment of RosettaNet standards-based apps?
  • Can Microsoft Azure Event Grid be used to integrate and analyze data distributed across marketing systems, warranty systems, ordering systems, partner and distributor systems, and social media?
  • Can TwoConnect's digital transformation solutions help lower your manufacturing costs and increase productivity?
  • Can modern Microsoft technologies help you manage your inventory more effectively?
  • Identify Connectivity Capabilities 

DAY 3 – Rosettanet Azure Presentation and Opportunities 

  •  Discuss Migration Path to RosettaNet on Azure
  •  Discuss Azure Extensibility Opportunities 
  •  Discuss extending RosettaNet capabilities using an Azure API Management platform
  •  Discuss high-level Roadmap and estimated timeline, costs, resources required.
  •  Build long term support plan