vE Claims & Expense Management


vE Claims & Expense Management


Lower costs, improve productivity with an integrated easy-to-use employee reimbursement SaaS module

Does your organization’s employee expense reimbursement result in delays, difficult employee experience, expense loss due to lack of validation, and a laborious process of issuing manual checks? vE Claims and Expense Management is an advanced employee reimbursement application. It is available as a standalone module or as part of the AI driven and fully integrated vE HCM Suite. This SaaS platform for public sector and large organisations is an intuitive HCM platform for enterprises, harnessing AI and skills ontology to achieve tangible business impact.

vE Claims enables an employee reimbursement process which is faster, simpler and more productive for both employee and other stakeholders such as Manager, Head of Department, HR, Finance, Commercial, etc

Key benefits of vE Claims SaaS tool:

  • A self-service tool allowing staff to submit their claims easily while ensuring compliance with the claim requirements.
  • vE Claims allows the claimant to draft, edit and submit claims with supporting receipts and/or invoices.
  • Automated validation of every claim submission to reduce need for manual verification and corrections by finance / manager / others
  • Approvers are able to review and approve claims online, making the entire process seamless and paperless.
  • Configurable to add unlimited and diverse claims with various forms and business logic deployed as per organisation's requirements.
  • Integrate vE Claims with any ERP / Financial / HR platform with no issue exporting financial data for payroll and/or importing HR Data
  • GDPR / PDPA compliant

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vE Claims on Microsoft Azure:

vE Claims is hosted & published on Microsoft Azure, we are well embedded in Microsoft Ecosystem:

  • Integrated with Azure AD for SSO (as well as OKTA, other SSOs)
  • Integrated with Power (We use Power BI For our Analytics and detail reports, and you will get direct access to it as part of vE Claims license without need to pay additional for Power BI licenses)
  • We are soon going to be on Teams App, so you can use Claims with all the convenience and collaboration that Teams has to offer.
  • We are integrated with SAP ECC, SAP S/4 HANA, as well as other ERP / HR / Financial Applications.

About vE (vExecution):

vE Claims is part of vE AI Driven HCM SaaS platform (cloud suite) which performs simple yet most effective HR & associated Business Operations management. vE is a Singapore HQ platform helping organisations in their digital transformation journeys & solving their biggest challenges on Business Performance and Potential, Analytics, Cost, Return on Investment, Revenue, Productivity, Managing Business Relationships and Developing Human Capital.

Assumptions for vE Claims:

  • Cost is purely a software licensing cost.
  • Cost doesn’t include hardware cost for running vE tools
  • Any other costs, like configuration cost / customisation cost / additional support cost, et al will be additional.

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