VIAcode ITSM connector for Azure


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VIAcode ITSM connector for Azure


(1 ratings)

Connect all Azure resources & tools to your ITSM

VIAcode’s ITSM Connector provides a simple, streamlined integration between common ITSM (ticketing) systems and Microsoft’s Azure resources and tools ensuring improved visibility and productivity relating to Azure cloud operations and management.  

Supported integrations include:

  • Azure Monitor

Your Azure Monitor alerts (Metric, Log Analytics, Activity Log etc.) will be automatically created in your ticketing system with detailed information for incident triage.

  • Azure Cost Management

Budget based Cost Alerts will appear in your ITSM system as they are generated in Azure.

  • Azure Advisor

Cost, Performance, Reliability and Operation Excellence recommendations will appear as a ticket in your ITSM system to work on them as an incident.

  • Azure Security Center

Two-way integration with security threats (alert) and recommendations.

  • Azure Sentinel (Coming Soon)

Integrate cloud native SIEM with your ticketing system.

VIAcode’s ITSM Connector for Azure can integrate all/any Azure Signals with following ITSM software:

  • ServiceDesk Plus MSP
  • VIAcode Incident Management System for Azure
  • ServiceNow (Coming Soon)
  • Zendesk (Coming Soon)
  • Remedy (Coming Soon)
Now, your ITSM system is the single place to work with any type of signals from Azure.

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