IPMPlus Smart Asset Optimizer

Vigyanlabs Inc

IPMPlus Smart Asset Optimizer

Vigyanlabs Inc

Discover, Monitor and Manage your Software and Hardware Assets Remotely

IPM+ saves 30% of IT Endpoint energy costs with its US Patented AI-enabled Hyper Personalized energy savings module while subsidizing its own license cost.

Key Benefits

  • Save on your CAPEX with optimal utilization of all HW assets and SW licenses.
  • Ensure Security and Compliance of devices as per CIS policies.
  • Save on Printing costs with printer management.
  • Predict and fix potential threats, asset vulnerabilities, health issues.
  • Maximize productivity and uptime.
  • Achieve high operational efficiency.
  • Save costs with automated patching and minimal helpdesk support.
  • Scale effortlessly over 100,000’s of devices distributed over 1000’s of locations.
  • Monitor patch progress with extensive ready-to-use reports.


  • HW Health Management – Battery, Fan, System errors etc
  • Remote remediation through canned / custom remediation scripts
  • Printer, Paper & Cartridge Management enabling significant Paper savings
  • Black & Whitelisting of Applications
  • Org Policy & Compliance Enforcements with real time audits
  • Monitor Security & System health remotely
  • HW Component Level Change Management
  • HW & SW Inventory Management with Usage Metering.

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    Note: This product has a 1 month free trial period for up to 10000 endpoints. Free Support for year 1. Please contact

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