Volumez - Composable Block Storage Service for Data-intensive Workloads on Azure VMs and AKS

Volumez Technologies Inc.

Volumez - Composable Block Storage Service for Data-intensive Workloads on Azure VMs and AKS

Volumez Technologies Inc.

Delivers guaranteed extreme performance, ultra-low latency, and enterprise-grade data resiliency

“We needed to provide SQL database as a service offerings in multiple clouds with high performance and low latency at a low cost. Volumez
enabled us to deliver service with up to 50% total cost savings, achieving benchmarks of 1M IOPS and 300 microseconds of latency with SQLaaS. Volumez provides enterprise-grade data services like thin provisioning, snapshots, replication, zero disruptions, and linear scalability which form the industry standard for our cloud database as a service offering on the Cloud.”
Scott Gnau, Vice President, Data Platforms, InterSystems

Volumez is a block storage composition service for databases and other data-intensive workloads. Volumez combines ultra-fast, guaranteed performance with significant cost savings. So, whether you are migrating legacy SQL Server and Oracle databases or considering refactoring your Oracle database to PostgreSQL or running K8s environments in Azure AKS, this composable data service boosts database performance by 10X while reducing cloud costs by up to 50%. Volumez delivers “data infrastructure as code” and automates storage management to reduce risks, control costs, and accelerate application deployment.


· Reach 1.5M IOPS, 500 microseconds latency, and 12 Gb/s bandwidth per volume.

· Up to 50% savings in data and storage related cloud costs.

· 10X higher performance, 5X lower latency, and 4X faster throughput guaranteed.

· 2X faster database transactions.

· Unlimited instant snapshots, 2-second restores, cross-zone replication, 13 9’s data durability, plus encryption.

· A controller-less storage architecture that operates directly on the compute VMs Kernel, therefore removing external storage devices, saving you cloud infrastructure costs.

The Volumez technology replaces the old data paths with an innovative approach to manage data on the Linux Kernel directly on compute VMs. Without being in the proprietary data path Volumez is completely autonomous in the Linux plane, replacing managed block storage services or attached disks. Volumez is designed for data-intensive workloads, including:

· Relational databases – PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle

· Non-relational databases – MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Apache Cassandra

· Kubernetes persistent storage

· High Performance Computing (HPC)

· AI/ML training workloads


· Protect data across multiple zones with enterprise-grade snapshot capabilities achieving 13 9s durability (99.99999999999%).

· Avoid over provisioning with Volumez dynamic automation storage management, thin provisioning and incremental data backups.

· Full observability and monitoring on performance metrics and logging

· No vendor lock-in as 100% of your data plane is the same Linux kernel that is running every day on millions of servers around the world.

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