Chat and IVR Platform on Your Azure Tenant

Zammo, Inc. Chat and IVR Platform on Your Azure Tenant

Zammo, Inc.

Modernize Customer Experience with a ChatGPT-Like Interaction and Immediate Cost Savings

Zammo enables organizations of any size to immediately gain efficiency in contact centers, as well as across marketing, sales, HR, and customer service by bringing Conversational AI to users. Create a ChatGPT-like experience using only your data, hosted on the customer tenant. The intuitive SaaS platform is lightning-fast, multi-channel, and has no code to start. The result is that businesses and governments can engage the public, customers, and employees across numerous conversational channels such as:

  • IVR/telephony voice

  • Voice app on Amazon Alexa

  • Chatbots (website, mobile, Teams, Facebook Messenger, etc.)

  • SMS/text

Finally, the platform delivers unified data analytics for learning and improving user engagement.

With Zammo…

  • Manage Content for All Channels in One Location

  • Create a ChatGPT-like experience using only your data by creating a knowledge from your web url's and data repositories

  • Secure your Invocation Name (Voice domain name)

  • Deliver Multi-Lingual Capabilities

  • Deliver Deep Transactional Capabilities by connecting to APIs and Backend Systems

  • Increase Accessibility

  • Save major cost and time compared to complex and siloed IT app dev projects

  • Increase satisfaction for customers and staff who are freed up from routine communications

  • Benefit from Immediate ROI – one customer CIO estimating 47X ROI in first year

Conversational AI projects often take 6-12 months to get to production. With Zammo, organizations identify desired conversational content and their most popular web- or phone-based multi-step workflow. Then, the Zammo team comes back the next day to show the production-ready demo. Numerous success stories are described in Microsoft case studies, blog posts, and videos.


Zammo’s 100% Azure-based SaaS platform weaves 30+ Azure Data and AI services into a voice-first NLP architecture. Zammo lets the business lead with zero code for even complex conversations, go live fast. Then, IT only supports integrations with API’s and backend systems.