SQL Server 2012 migration – Free 1 hour Assessment

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Learn which option you have to migrate your SQL Server 2012. b.telligent shows you possible solutions tailored to your business in a free 1 hour Assessment.

The Extended Support for SQL Server 2012 will expire on 12.07.2022. In almost all IT policies, support from the manufacturer is required for operation in the company. Continuing to use SQL Server 2012 after July 12 will result in countless compliance violations.

What are the options now?

  • Option 1: Upgrade to SQL Server 2019 or then SQL Server 2022.
  • Option 2: Run the SQL Server locally in an Azure environment.
  • Option 3: Migrate the SQL Server to the Azure cloud:

  • a) Lift and Shift to Azure Cloud
    b) SQL Server Managed Instance
    c) Azure SQL DBs
    d) Azure Synapse Analytics

All PaaS options have the following key advantage: administration is greatly simplified and solutions scale dynamically with requirements! Additional cost savings can be achieved through the so-called Azure Hybrid Benefit. Here it is possible to "credit" existing SQL Server licenses in Azure.

Which way is the right one depends strongly on the current use of the SQL Server and its features. Whether high-performance database or BI solution?

In our one-hour consultation, we will show you what the optimal setup is for your individual requirements.