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2-Week Azure Assessment

Catapult Systems

Assess your current data center environment (up to 100 VM's) and receive optimization recommendations for a cloud migration.

This assessment is designed to help customers assess their current data center environment (up to 100 VM's) and receive recommendations for optimization for a cloud migration.

An Azure Architect will review results of an assessment tool and provide recommendations based on:

•Business justification for Cloud Migration •Assessment of current data center environment and steps to migrate to Azure

Week 1 • Deploy assessment tool to capture current data center environment • Establish an understanding of the Client's business goals and objectives to accurately assess the scope and direction of the engagement • Perform Portfolio Assessment (breadth) to establish ranking and readiness of a service to move to the Cloud

Week 2 • Conduct detailed Cloud profiling to identify opportunities for accelerating move to the Cloud • Review the results of the finding with the Client and finalize next steps • Deliver high-level TCO of moving servers into Azure