Azure Management Services: 12-month Implementation

Catapult Systems, LLC

Catapult’s Azure Management Services is a comprehensive cloud management subscription service that provides you with the cloud expertise and assistance your company needs when you need it.

As the rate of digital transformation accelerates, businesses are embracing cloud and hybrid approaches to technology. Many organizations find it difficult to manage their Azure resources, security posture, and costs. Catapult’s Azure Management Services (AMS) is a comprehensive cloud management service that provides you with the cloud expertise and assistance your company needs when you need it. Using a metrics-based optimization approach, AMS pricing is based on the overall complexity of the environment, not cloud spend, allowing for a fair and transparent pricing. The scope of AMS is flexible by design, selected from a menu of monthly a la carte services that best fit your business needs, budget, and point in your cloud journey. Catapult’s seasoned consultants continuously support the cloud capabilities of Operations, Security, Compliance, and Automation.


  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance and maintain a secure Azure environment
  • Improve security score
  • Get insights from your data
  • Keep up with new technologies
  • Have access to a plethora of Microsoft technology experts
  • Access a flexible, proactive 24x7 incident response team

    We begin with a Cloud Envisioning and Planning Workshop to define and assess your vision and goals and prioritize near and long-term objectives. Then, we deploy Catapult’s proprietary monitoring tool, EverWatch, to assess your environment, consolidating infrastructure, network, applications, and data. Next, with a metrics-driven approach, your dedicated AMS Architect develops a roadmap of prioritized improvements for the optimization of your environment. Our team schedules daily, weekly, or monthly health checks on the four main AMS pillars of operations, security, compliance and/or automation topics to continuously improve your environment’s performance. Your team can execute the identified improvements, or our Flexible Cloud Services (FLEX) team can help you tackle the suggested enhancements. Your AMS team continuously supports you with advisory services to find, implement or adjust the strategy that meets your business’ ever-changing technology demands.


  • Determine where you are on your Azure journey and review existing Azure resources. Create bundle of services specific to you.
  • Assess your environment and build prioritized list of initiatives. Set KPIs and collaborate on roadmap to optimization.
  • Deploy Catapult’s EverWatch advanced monitoring solution. Establish effective guard rails.
  • Provide metrics-driven guidance and support to ensure your environment is optimized for security, cost, and operations. Ongoing cloud enablement and modernization support.


    Catapult has built our proactive Operations approach from the lessons learned delivering thousands of Infrastructure and Data Projects over our nearly 30-year history. We deploy our proprietary monitoring tool, EverWatch, to consolidate infrastructure, network, applications, and underlying security data to guide our support program and deliver 24x7 Incident Management for your Azure services. Our AMS Team performs routine daily, weekly, and monthly health checks of critical systems/services to ensure the environment is optimized to meet your current and future needs.

    AMS Operations services include:

  • Automated infrastructure and security monitoring across Azure that can be extended into hybrid scenarios with Azure Arc
  • Flexible, proactive 24x7 incident response
  • Resource optimization and Cloud architectures for improved application and data workload performance
  • Access to hundreds of Catapult experts with a wide range of technological knowledge, skills, and abilities

    Operations Spotlight – Azure & Hybrid Monitoring with EverWatch Catapult has developed its own solution to provide advanced monitoring, alerting, and enforcement for customers. Built atop Azure native services, EverWatch provides the following features for Cloud services; extend into hybrid scenarios with the use of Azure Arc.

  • Monitor IaaS, PaaS, and Big Data services to know the health of your entire estate
  • Validate events before alerting your Operations team to reduce noise and increase efficiency when out-of-the-ordinary occurrences happen
  • Route and escalate alerts to either your team or the AMS team
  • Provide centralized intelligence for your Azure environment across performance, security, and policy
  • Expand into the new services and workloads customers demand