Azure AI Assessment with Cloud Intel: 4 Weeks


Cloud Intel helps you reap lasting business benefits with a faster approach to AI and transform digitally with its Azure AI Assessment.

AI is profoundly changing the way we work; it is powering innovations. Advancements in AI are oscillating the landscape in support of rising complex workloads and the increasing accessibility of AI performance in the cloud. Azure AI is a portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to do more with less. It helps you radically accelerate your productivity with its comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box customizable Azure AI services, AI/ML models, and AI infrastructure that help modernize your business processes faster.

Cloud Intel, your trusted platform to demystify AI and help you take the leap into the world of artificial intelligence, facilitates Azure AI Assessment to make the future a reality.

As part of this assessment, you will gain valuable insights into the dynamic field of artificial intelligence within Microsoft Azure and learn how to harness the full potential of Azure AI. This assessment goes beyond the surface and conducts a thorough analysis of your company's existing environment, evaluates readiness and capabilities for AI adoption, and pinpoints areas where AI can bring added value.

This comprehensive assessment conducts business benefits, security, and financial analysis, and you will receive assistance, a strategic roadmap, and AI-based recommendations for leveraging Azure AI solutions to ensure seamless operation within your organizations.

Key Deliverables

• Discovery

• Summary of the Current Environment

• Readiness Assessment

• Business Value Analysis

• Benefit/Financial Analysis

• Security Analysis

• Licensing Overview

• Sample Use Cases

• Strategic Roadmap and Timeline

• Detailed Report/Executive Summary

• Clear Next Steps