Housing Sector Cloud Migration : 3-Day Workshop


Made for Housing associations and local authorities/councils whom we understand have a unique business model which requires a tailored review and assessment of your readiness to move to the cloud.

During this specific review engineered for the housing sector, we engage in a tailored assessment of your readiness to move to the cloud. In this 3-day workshop we assess your current business critical servers and applications such as housing management systems, tenants and asset management systems and more. Our experts will then take this into account as we work with you to build a clear plan to migrate services to the cloud, ensuring key stakeholders understand the benefits of doing so, and minimise all risks.

Whether your organisation is currently taking advantage of the cloud, or looking to begin, this assessment will offer tangible value in the form of a clear roadmap of the next steps for your organisation.

  • Day 1 and 2

  • Onsite or remote full comprehensive audit of your current estate looking at all your services such as your current housing management solution, any exchange or email servers, any reporting and time tracking software along with all data held in the organization.

  • Day 3

  • Documentation on findings in which we will map your route to having a cloud infrastructure within your organisation. The report will ensure any plans to migrate are cost effective and the benefits are made clear to all stakeholders in the firm showcasing the long term transformational business benefits.


We will detail a comprehensive report with a roadmap and timeline based on required effort with a focus on licensing costs and the potential savings you will make post migration. Some of the transformational benefits your organisation can unlock are, but not limited to: Improved agent and staff productivity, security optimisation, cost saving opportunities, efficiency improvements to IT processes and tenant management systems, enable mobile working across the business for your agents in the community, deeper insights into performance through improved data reporting.