UX Cloud App Discovery 2-Day Workshop


UX Cloud App Discovery 2-Day Workshop takes a user-centered approach to designing a cloud-hosted app or service to solve business challenges using Azure.

The workshop is a fully collaborative and participatory experience, on the first day we’ll work to understand the challenges and opportunities you face and take a deep dive into understanding your user base and their current experience. This will enable us to work with you on the second day to map a high level scope of the work to improve user experience through a new Azure hosted service. Our UX team will sketch on paper ideas and thoughts for how your organisation can take advantage of the range of services in Azure to build a new product. As an optional add-on, cloudThing can take these ideas and turn them into wireframes bringing to life the key concepts to share with stakeholders across the organisation.

The actual activities will be chosen to meet the needs of the client.


  • Ahead of the workshop

  • Phone call to run through project background and introductions

  • Distribute any existing relevant materials, as a minimum we’ll need a project brief (template will be supplied)

  • Day 1 : Understand the current experience and opportunities

  • Business challenge/opportunity

  • Users deep dive (*if use needs not well understood or represented, we can support with research as a separate piece of work)

  • Current state of customer experience and cloud maturity

  • Day 2 : Define and ideate

  • Define the problem (vision, user needs and business goals)

  • Understand user goals and product features – high level scope *demonstrate the services in Azure which can contribute to the success of the services

  • Ideate – sketching ideas and sharing


We will provide a full write up of all activities in the workshop, ensuring all thinking is captured, exact documentation will vary depending on the activities undertaken. Examples deliverables include: empathy maps, customer journey map, feature map, Information Architecture, wireframes. Activities and deliverables can be discussed and agreed ahead of the workshop.