Migrate on-Premise to Azure (SQL, SSAS, SSIS)

Codecenters International

Azure Migration Assessment for your on premise SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS Infrastructure. We'll provide Azure migration feasibility recommendations and cost projections.

A successful cloud migration plan starts with a clear, data-driven understanding of your current infrastructure. This assessment will deliver a migration roadmap for your SQL Databases, Cubes or SSIS. We start with a review of your current database or cube solution, which includes dev, test and production. From there, we work with you to translate that information into an action plan that delivers a secure, high performance Azure Data Infrastructure. As deliverables, we provide you with detailed Azure sizing and cost analysis specifications along and go and no-go platform recommendations for each process and service currently used in your data solution. This project step is a prerequisite for the next follow-on task, which is designing the migration architecture and process flow schemas.


Weeks 1-2 – Data Collection

  • Define the data environment
  • Inventory of server infrastructure, (Dev, Test and Prod)
  • Inventory of Services, (SQL, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS)
  • Collection of basic workload utilization metrics

Weeks 3-4 – Infrastructure Analysis

  • Categorize each service and their user workloads for future sizing
  • Review the current database security implementation
  • Review database sizes, hot and cold storage along with ETL storage and how it will translate into Azure disk and Blob resources

Weeks 5-6 – Application-level Analysis

  • Target Database Services that are candidates for migration
  • Assess application-level readiness
  • Estimate Application Modernization level of effort


  • SQL Server Inventory and Version Report, (SSAS, SSRS and SSIS)
  • Go, No-Go Decision Report for Azure VM verses Azure database, Data Factory and Power BI services
  • Produce Azure VM and blob sizing, migration modernization opportunities and cost modeling
  • Azure VM Migration Report, including Azure readiness, storage profiling, and cost projections

Note: Costs are dependent on your system size and we can easily customize the solution to meet your needs.