Azure - SQL Database, Disaster Recovery Assessment

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Azure DB and SQL Database, Backup and Disaster Recovery Assessment, Implementation Roadmap

Are you ready to navigate all of the new database Backup and DR technologies available to you in Azure and SQL 2017?

We will review your current SQL server, Azure Database and/or Analysis Services solution and provide a complete end-to-end backup and disaster recovery plan, including timelines and Azure cost projections.

A successful database backup and disaster recovery plan includes a clear, data-driven understanding of your current infrastructure and your committed Service Level agreement (SLA). This assessment will deliver a roadmap for your SQL Server and Azure DB dev, test and production environment.

We start with a review of your database solution and from there, we work with you to translate that information into an action plan that will deliver a solution to secure your data and meet the highest SLA’s available.

Our review includes the following Azure and SQL technologies which enables us to design a solution that meets your SLA and budget requirements.

  • Always On Availability Groups
  • Active geo-replication and auto-failover groups
  • Read Scale-Out
  • Zone Redundant Configuration
  • Azure Availability Zones
  • Azure Traffic Manager (ATM)
  • Azure service tiers availability in your area
  • Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR)
  • Stretch Databases, Partitioning Data
  • Long Term Retention (LTR) and Blob Storage Solutions
  • Temporal Tables and Point in Time Restore Issues
  • SQL Backup and Restore Solutions and technologies
  • Contained, AD and Azure AD Users in DR Solutions

Deliverables We will provide you with a detailed backup and disaster recovery architecture along with platform recommendations for each process and service currently used in the data pipeline. This project step is a prerequisite for the next follow-on tasks, which is implementing, testing and training support staff on each technology used.

Note: An assessment will be completed prior to start to define audit metrics. We can customize our project to include any solutions needed.

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