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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions: 4-Week Imp.

Communication Square LLC

Get HIPAA compliant cloud solutions for your organization

For any healthcare providing organization, meeting the HIPAA compliance is very important. Getting your IT solutions to match all the requirements from scratch is a time taking and frustrating process where a lot of money may go down the drain only to find out that you cannot make your existing solutions HIPAA compliant. That’s where Communication Square comes to the rescue with already-compliant Microsoft cloud solutions.

Microsoft covers all the aspects of HIPAA Compliance including:

  • Privacy: To ensure patient confidentiality.
  • Security: Information protection and administrative safeguarding of data.
  • Identifiers: The types of information that cannot be released if collected for research purposes.
  • Codes for electronic transmission of data in healthcare-related transactions, including insurances.

HIPAA Compliant Microsoft Solutions and Services:

  • Azure
  • Cloud App Security
  • Microsoft Health Bot Service
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Intune
  • Office 365
  • PowerApps
  • Power BI

Microsoft Compliance Manager:

  • Single dashboard for all compliances and data protection posture
  • Meet and manage compliances
  • Manage data protection
  • Get actionable Insights and recommendations
  • Streamline your workflow with Control management and audit-ready reporting tools

Get in touch with us to further discuss the scope of the implementation. The price may be subject to change according to the scope of the solution and size of the workload/ number of seats.

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