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Secure Emailing System – 2-Week Proof of Concept

Communication Square LLC

Secure Emailing System –Complete Solution to Protect Your Data 2-Week Proof of Concept

This Azure based offer is designed to reimagine how your business approaches securing email systems, compliance to industry defined standards and access to data is secure. Secure Emailing System will be tested against your systems to ensure you are able to classify your data based on sensitivity, protect your data, or add visibility and control to your data. If you have already completed the Encrypted Email System Assessment you are eligible to receive 50% Discount on Encrypted Email System Proof of Concept. If you missed our briefing, click here to view it.


  • You receive a demo of our own Production Environment showing an ideal use case of Encrypted Email System in action.
  • Understand your business requirements and strategies on how to best start classifying your sensitive data.
  • You receive a Permission Guide explaining how to deploy an organizational hierarchy for effectively classifying your data using Encrypted Email system.
  • You receive a “Crack the Code" Training Series to ensure you are always on top of your data.
  • You receive an On-boarding Guide for new employees, so they do everything right from day one.
  • You receive an Admin Access Revoke Guide to quickly revoke permissions as and when needed.
  • You receive a FREE one-time migration of your emails to an Encrypted Email System.


Week 1

  • Assessment of application requirements, user personas and business goals
  • Prepared report with suggested deployment and usage plan
  • Presentation to your management team
  • Q&A Session

    Week 2

  • Setup and backend provisioning of your solution

  • Go-Live – Start your Encrypted Email System

    About Communication Square

Communication Square LLC is a Microsoft Gold Partner that focuses on data. We strongly believe the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but rather data. The effective use of data is what can make or break a business. If the same data gets in the hands of competitors or is stolen.