cubesys AVD & Windows 365 Managed Services

Cubesys Pty Ltd

Australia's leading AVD & Windows 365 specialists now offer a unique managed service for your Cloud-based VDI. Built specifically to work alongside your existing IT team.

Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, both offer organisations across the global the opportunity to provide secure scalable remote worker solutions, that can cater for legacy applications and corporate desktop environments. Providing users with the familiar workspace and all the data and apps they use in the office. At the same time, IT admins can reduce their workload and provide timely scale out capabilities. Australia's leading AVD & Windows 365 partner now offers a unique managed service for AVD & Windows 365. Remove risk and free staff to focus on your business needs, while cubesys Cloud-based VDI experts maintain and optimise your environment for you. Our deep understanding of cloud-based operational models and unparalleled experience in AVD & Windows 365 allows cubesys to continual deliver benefits. Whether your deploying unique engineering desktops, secure developer environments or fluctuating remote worker multi-session desktops we have the real-world experience to help. Having delivered over 40 deployments of AVD, to a wide variety of clients, our experienced experts will ensure operational excellence by: Maintaining platform health and updates Optimise costs through proactive automation Maintain security and patching configuration Provide Windows 10\11 Servicing updates Backup user profiles Monitor and Alert, with deep analysis dashboards Provide unique AVD Chargeback reports Update applications regularly And finally provide guidance on operational best practice and next steps.

Need End-User support, Microsoft Licensing, or application packaging services? cubesys offer a full range of services to support our clients AVD environments.

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