Build and Modernnize AI Apps with Azure Innovate and GlobalLogic TechTransform Accelerator: 2-Wk Assessment

Globallogic Inc.

GlobalLogic TechTransform Platform for Azure to build and modernize AI apps with Azure Innovate. A Generative-AI enabled journey to accelerate your legacy landscape transformation

GlobalLogic offers 2-weeks consulting service with the focus on assessment of accelerated adoption of Azure OpenAI based legacy modernization and Tech Transform best practices. Test our expertise with a complimentary 1-hour briefing, then decide on the next steps.

GlobalLogic TechTransform Platform Accelerator for Azure by GlobalLogic enables businesses to safely and rapidly experiment with Azure OpenAI based GenAI technologies to assess and modernize their legacy app estate into newer modern technologies. With a wide bouquet of features including code conversion, code documentation, unit testing, code refactoring and optimization as well as flexible operational models including code companion, batch mode and guided mode, TechTransform helps businesses quickly see in action the possibilities of Generative AI as a new way of doing app modernization.

2-Week Assessment schedule:

  • Introduction & Context Setting Meeting (2 hours): GlobalLogic presents TechTransform overview & capabilities, Customer presents overview of existing solution/future needs
  • High-level current Architecture & Challenges (2 hours): Customer presents solution architecture, requirements, tools, technologies and challenges
  • Code snippets (2 hours): Customer presents code snippets and possible examples which can be tried out on GlobalLogic TechTransform tool
  • Subsequent Q&A Meetings (1 hour, multiple/optional/as needed): Additional Q&A session
  • Final Presentation Meeting (1 hour): GlobalLogic presents assessment results

2-Week Assessment outcomes and deliverables:

  • TechTransform based maturity assessment report
  • Applicability & scope of TechTransform implementation
  • A draft roadmap for engineering modernization based on Azure services with respect to requirements
  • High-level implementation options and approach