Azure Arc Management: 4-Weeks Proof of Concept

Informatika a.d.

Master possibilities and advance adoption of multi-cloud and cloud-centered infrastructure management with Informatika and Microsoft Azure Arc.

Informatika supports organizations with Microsoft Azure expertise to produce improvements and new values in way to expand layers of complexity for IT teams. We are offering help to link different platforms in single management interface for monitoring and securing infrastructures with emphasis on onboarding non-Azure resources to Azure.

Microsoft Azure Arc simplifies the use of on-premises, multi-cloud and edge environments by offering Azure resources on any type of platform and without influence of platform's location. With that possibility we can also accelerate your applications modernization and indicate on the total value of usage Azure Arc integration platform. Enablement expertise from our cloud team and relationship with Microsoft organization can support clients invest in Azure Arc very fast and with sophisticated strategy.

Microsoft Azure Arc gives you opportunity to onboard this resource types hosted outside of Azure platform:

  • Servers
  • Kubernetes clusters
  • Azure data services
  • SQL Server


  • A workshop for understanding exact situation of customer and value of Azure Arc
  • Unfold Azure Arc for Servers enabled concepts, features and use cases
  • Implementation of Microsoft Azure Arc server agents to non-Azure servers
  • Configuration of metrics and logging agents on non-Azure platform