Analytics In a Day with Synapse - 1 Day Workshop

MAQ Software

Boost your ROI by learning how to leverage Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics for a unified and faster data journey that offers insights provided by integrated Power BI capabilities

Our eight-hour Analytics In a Day workshop introduces you to Azure Synapse, a unified analytics experience with code-free data orchestration from more than 85 native connectors. Synapse provides server less scalable architecture, near real-time data querying, optimized query performance using workload isolation and limitless concurrency, powerful insights, and data visualization using Power BI.

MAQ Software is a Microsoft-Preferred Supplier for Data Platform and Cloud Migration. We have aided many of our Fortune 500 clients in achieving efficient business operations through data modernization.


  • Overview
    • Overview of Azure Synapse architecture
    • Understanding Synapse capabilities
    • Experiencing a unified analytics platform
  • Data Ingestion & Reporting
    • Working with Synapse Studio
    • Data ingestion using data flow
    • Reporting with integrated Power BI
  • Performance Tuning
    • Improving performance with concurrent queries
    • Prioritizing performance for critical users using workload management and isolation
    • Using SQL serverless architecture to support highly scalable data
  • Demo

Audience (Groups of 30-50):

  • Business Analysts
  • Self-Service Users
  • Beginner BI Developers

Meeting Output:

Users will have the knowledge and resources to create a high-performance data solution and insightful reporting via Power BI using Synapse Studio.