Azure Security Center Workshop - 1 Day

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this offering is to provide the customer with an end-to-end workshop on Azure Security Center& it's most important features.

Agenda: Module 1: Introduction to Urgent Security Challenges Introduce the urgent security challenges that face software companies. Explain rapidly changing workloads, increasingly sophisticated attacks, and the short supply of security skills.

Module 2: Azure Security Center Tools Discuss the various tools within Azure Security Center that help the customer keep all the data and workloads secure. Use the Strengthen Security Posture tool to assess the customer’s environment and establish the status of resources.

Module 3: Security Policy and Compliance Introduce the policies and set them to run on management groups, across subscriptions, and for a whole tenant. Help the customer identify Shadow IT subscriptions and make sure they are covered by the policies set.

Module 4: Continuous Assessments and Secure Score Explain the feature of Azure Security Center that will assess whether workloads are properly configured as they are deployed. Introduce the network map and explain how it enables you to see the topology of your workloads. Define secure score, how to mitigate security alerts, and how to prioritize security work.

Module 5: Optimize/Improve Security and Protect Against Threats Discuss security recommendations that are tailored to security concerns found in the customer’s workloads. Apply secure configuration standards across all resources. Explain fusion kill-chain analysis and an attack campaign in order to help the customer understand the origin of a security threat/attack.

Module 6: Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection Introduce Microsoft Defender and explain how it is used to detect and respond to security threats.

Module 7: Discover and Onboard Azure Resources Explain the seamless integration between the Security Center and Azure Resources. Guide the customer in building a complete security story with Azure policies that are automatically applied to newly discovered resources.