Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) - 1 Week Assessment

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

The purpose of this offering is to assess whether the customer has properly adopted the cloud following the proper cloud adoption framework guidelines and establish best practices.

Evaluation of the process of cloud adoption will examine the plan used by the customer, the rationalization of the digital estate, the creation of a landing zone, and the adoption of cloud innovation/migration.

Touchpoint 1: Introduction to CAF Explain the CAF as a whole and highlight the important parts of the process. Introduce the three stages: The plan stage, the Ready stage, and the Adopt stage. Establish a business outcome and define business justification.

Touchpoint 2: Pre-Stage Preparation Assessment Examine the digital estate and determine whether it follows the asset driven approach, work-driven approach, or the incremental approach. Develop the inventory of the digital estate and go over the list of IT assets that support specific business functions.

Touchpoint 3: Review of Rationalization & Adoption Plan Detail each method of rationalization for the digital estate. Describe each rationalization methods quantitative and qualitative analysis factors and determine whether the customer properly chose a method.

Touchpoint 4: Landing Zone & Ready Stage Best Practices Assess whether a landing zone has been created with a migration target to handle prioritized applications. Make sure the environment will allow solutions to be deployed with services from Azure. Check for proper Azure setup and Azure landing zone. Cover key points regarding storage, database, and cost management.

Touchpoint 5: Cloud Adoption & Cloud Migration Evaluate whether steps of both migration and innovation were used. Assess the fit of each workload and migrate services by replicating on-premises resources to Azure. Describe the business value consensus and apply it to the adoption process the customer followed.

Touchpoint 6: Governance & Management Establish a basic understanding of the methodology that drives cloud governance. Explain how to use the standard governance guide and the governance guide for complex enterprises.