Azure Security Assessment - 1 month assessment

Sela Group (HQ)

Improve your Azure security posture by reviewing and assessing your Azure operation. Receive top-notch action plan for improvements

With Azure Security Assessment, your organization’s Azure resources protection will be examined. Useful insights will be delivered for you to act upon and improve your security posture Act upon recommendations to bring your security posture to industry best-practice grade Design and implement a security strategy with best-matched solutions The assessment will take ~4 weeks, will not affect your organization’s users. Collected data will represent a full month of work to cover the most common scenarios in your organization Typical stages for the assessment: Scope of Work Definition Human Data Collection – discussions with relevant stakeholders Automated Data Collection – harvesting events and data for a time period Report Compilation – our security team distills and extracts useful insights and a work plan Conclusions – report presentation and discussion of planned activities and priorities