Matching Engine

Spanish Point Technologies

The Matching Engine is a cloud Enterprise Business System for Copyright Management Organisations to support Repertoire Management, Data Ingestion, Usage, Distribution and Membership Services

Spanish Points Matching Engine is an enterprise business system for Copyright Management Organizations. It incorporates the key business functions of these organizations. It is a fully cloud native solution including modules to support RepertoireManagement, Data Ingestion, Usage and Distribution utislising a range of Azure services, togther with Membership Services utilising Dynamics 365.

The price and service duration for implementing the Matching Engine is variable depending on the amount of data that required to be processed and the modules chosen to be implemented. The implementation of the Mathcing Engine will provide you the industries leading copyright and royalty management solution based the Microsft cloud platform, namely Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrated into a single business solution.

Our Matching Engine solution identifies music that has been streamed on digital and traditional services, so artists get fair remuneration. The Matching Engine is a system that provides a set of modules for the maintenance of music rights organisations repertoires to address metadata errors and ensure music royalties are tracked with accuracy and transparency. Built on Microsoft Azure - including innovative algorithms it matches streaming music log files at a fraction of the cost and at multiple times the performance of legacy systems. It gives customers the confidence to tackle streaming data with higher accuracy and operational costs that you control.

Technology used: Modern cloud native application. Responsive web-based user interface, Azure Databricks and Azure Data Factory, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure SQL Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake, open-source .NET Core, C#, ASP.NET and the React open-source framework together with Dynamics 365.

Azure Technology Spotlight: The Matching Engine uses Azure Cognitive Search to search against a society's repertoire of works. Using the language detection functionality of Azure Cognitive Search, we have helped society systems to infuse an AI solution that helps them automatically detect the language of international character sets, improving match results and eliminating manual transliteration for creator societies from countries with non-Latin-based languages to ensure their members get paid.

The Solution Architecture includes:

  • Modern cloud native application Responsive web-based user interface
  • Web APIs support real time integration for different modules.
  • Azure Databricks & Azure Data Factory batch data processes and ensure highly scalable data processing.
  • Azure Search Index to provide fast response times for user queries and matching. Including complex object searching.
  • Azure SQL databases for core relational data. Cosmos DB for storing complete repertoire database history and usage details
  • Azure Data Lake provides highly scalable and cost-effective storage for data exchange, batch processes and reporting.
  • Modern Data Lakehouse architecture.

The Matching Engine also utlises Dynamics 365 to build a modern membership management service and engagement platform for our customers. It includes a wealth of out of the box features to automate and streamline the membership management functions:

  • Our customers use standard features in Dynamics 365 such as campaign management to generate digital marketing campaigns that include call to actions which will bring prospective members to the membership application form.
  • Our Matching Engine solution makes extensive use of the automated workflow within Dynamics 365 and the workflow engine within the Matching Engine to automate many tasks that previously required manual intervention. Example: A membership application form submitted by the online portal will start an automated workflow in Dynamics 365 greatly reducing manual intervention. Automation workflows offers significant opportunities for copyright management organisations to reduce costs.
  • The use of Dynamics 365 has allowed for advanced workflow capabilities that support the majority of users’ daily interaction with the system.
  • Member’s self-service improves members experience and drives downs costs. Information specific to individual members will be available to them via the Members Portal and their private username and password. This will include an interactive and detailed view of statements. Members will be able to configure their preferences for automatic statement delivery including the preferred statement format.