Windows Virtual Desktop: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Spektra Systems LLC

Spektra Systems offers a free proof of concept for Windows Virtual desktop for you to try out WVD in a sandbox or in your own environment along with access to Spektra's WVD experts.

Spektra Systems is a Microsoft Gold partner providing quality Azure service, In this Proof of concept, Spektra Systems will work with your IT and Business users to setup a desired Windows Virtual Desktop proof of concept environment. Spektra’s WVD expertise will assure that you have a best in class WVD experience from anywhere and on any device, packaged with Microsoft 365 Security capabilities. Spektra will work with you to define schedule, desired experience, test cases and success criteria before and during the actual POC.

Our typical POC offer include 1. Define POC Scope, desired experience and success criteria. 2. Setup Required Azure Infrastructure (in Sandbox or in your own Environment) 3. Setup WVD Host Pools 4. Publish up to 8 Applications and assign to POC Users(Up to 25) 5. Setup M365 Security 6. User Acceptance testing and Scenario validations 7. POC Conclusion and Next Steps

Why you should try out Spektra’s WVD POC Offer: 1. Try WVD with assured greater experience. 2. Let your business users experience WVD before you make decision. 3. You will have full control over the POC environment throughout the POC. 4. Try in a sandbox or in your Azure environment. 5. Zero Services Cost (Azure Cost as applicable) 6. Predictable delivery schedule along with quality consulting & guidance.

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