Couchbase Capella - Database-as-a-Service


Couchbase Capella - Database-as-a-Service


Couchbase’s fully-managed cloud database for modern web, mobile, and IoT applications.

Capella on Azure - The Cloud Database Platform for Today's Digital Enterprises

Couchbase Capella on Azure enables developers and architects to quickly build the apps of the future and deliver always-on experiences to customers. With flexible development across many use cases, Couchbase Capella supports SQL for JSON documents, relational structures, key-value access, full-text search and real-time analytics using your favorite programming language. Couchbase customers include more than 30% of the Fortune 100. Learn more.

      Marketplace Offers

      • Capella Trial: 30 days free
      • On-Demand Credits: Pay-as-you-go
      • Capella Develop Bundle ($8,000 in value): Includes 5,000 Capella Developer Pro Credits, an Assoc. Developer Certification, and 3 days of general consulting advice.
      • Capella Production Bundle ($43,000 in value): Includes 25,000 Credits for the Developer Pro Service Plan, an Assoc. Developer Certification, and Production Readiness consulting advice.
      • Capella Quick Start ($1,562 in value): Includes 1,250 Credits for the Developer Pro Service Plan

      Couchbase Capella Delivers:

      • Performance: Extremely high throughput and low latency with our in-memory architecture
      • Developer Agility: Integrated services like key-value caching, SQL query, JSON document flexibility, full-text search, and real-time analytics from a single platform
      • Scaling with Ease: Scale services vertically, nodes horizontally, replicate automatically
      • Data Sync between Capella and Edge Devices: Enables mobile/edge user authentication and management
      • Data Reliability and Security: Get data reliability across geo-aware clusters and security peace of mind with end-to-end encryption from the SDK to the disk.


      • Flexible development across use cases - Our integrated data platform supports SQL for JSON documents, relational structures, key-value access, full-text search and real-time analytics. Access with your favorite programming language.
      • Mobile ready - Sync data between Capella and edge devices, and authenticate and manage mobile/edge users
      • Blazing fast; the lowest TCO at scale - Our real-time, memory-first architecture delivers millisecond data responses with price-performance keeps improving as you scale.

      Couchbase Capella uses credits for pricing. The rate at which credits are consumed is determined by product configuration, network ingress/egress charges, backup policies, and the use of additional features.

      The price of a credit is determined by the service plan selected for a given database or app services deployment. To estimate the cost and credits consumed per hour, create an account at and configure a deployment with the desired characteristics
      • 1 Capella Basic Service Plan Credit = $1.00/credit
      • 1 Capella Developer Pro Service Plan Credit = $1.25/credit
      • 1 Capella Enterprise Service Plan Credit = $2.00/credit
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