Surge Identity (SaaS)

OneNebula (Pty) Ltd
Surge Identity - OpenID Connect Provider Server

Surge Identity (SaaS)

OneNebula (Pty) Ltd

Plans and Pricing
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Surge Identity (SaaS)

Surge Identity is a Cloud-based Identity Solution that enables secure sign in, using trusted identity and social providers and secures app-to-app communication using the latest industry security standards.

The Benefits of Surge Identity
  • Reduce Development Time
  • Ensure Data Security
  • Centralised App Security
  • Industry Security Standards
  • OpenID Connect Compatibility
  • API Security
The Features of Surge Identity
  • Single sign-on
  • Extendable claim enrichment
  • Webhook integration
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Full Audit trails
  • Customisable user sign-on journey
  • Integrated Consent Framework
  • Centrally Managed Certificates and Secrets