Greeneye Technology


Greeneye Technology

Smart selective spraying system for weed control

Greeneye utilizes Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the agricultural pest control process,

transitioning from the current practice of broadcast and wasteful spraying to precise and selective

spraying of herbicides.

Greeneye developed a proprietary selective spraying (SPP) system that turns every sprayer into a

smart machine with seamless integration, Greeneye’s SSP system can detect weeds and spray them

precisely in real-time, reducing up to 90% of herbicide usage. Press here to see a demo.

Greeneye’s selective spraying (SSP) system value proposition:

1. In-crop spraying (Green vs. Green) - Differentiating weeds from crops to spray precisely only the

weeds. Our SSP system can be customized to any row crop.

2. Pre-plant spraying (Green vs. Brown) - Applying precision spraying on both pre-planting and

post-harvest application.

3. Species level analysis - Identifying weeds down to the species level to fight herbicide resistance.

4. A.I. Scouting - Capturing and analyzing sub-mm images, providing farmers with the deepest

insight in their field.

Greeneye is collaborating with multinational corporations as well as farmers around the world to

customize our solution for our customers needs, if you are interested in reducing your operational

cost while increasing productivity, reach out to us.