Active Directory Domain Deployment

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Active Directory Domain Deployment

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Deploy a new Active Directory domain. Choose 2016 or 2019. Fully automated IaaS deployment.

Active Directory Domain Deployment (Deploy 2019 or 2016)

Automate the deployment of a new Active Directory IaaS domain using our Azure solution template. Choose to setup AD on Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019.

If you're setting up a new greenfield environment for production systems and users, this AD solution is perfect to get your new Active Directory domain up and running.

This Azure marketplace solution creates a new vNET with a dedicated subnet for the Domain Controllers. The DC DNS server addresses automatically get added to the vNet allowing any new VM created on that vNet to get the correct DNS server addresses.

The Domain Controllers are placed in an Availability Set to maximize uptime. You can choose the VM size and VM names you would like for all of your domain controllers during provisioning.

Active Directory Domain Deployment (IaaS) Features

  • Choose to have between 2 to 50 DC VMs
  • Choose the name for the Domain, DCs, network objects & domain admin credentials
  • Choose the VM size for all DCs
  • Choose to deploy on Windows Server 2016 or 2019 for the OS Version
  • DNS is fully configured and updates the Azure vNet DNS server addresses
  • Provide group policies to your servers in Azure and on prem
  • Provide AD authentication services to your applications in Azure and any new VM deployments
  • Provide DNS name resolution to your servers and applications in Azure
  • Provide hybrid Active Directory for both Azure and onprem environments

  • The perfect solution for providing Active Directory domain services to your servers and applications in Azure.

    Active Directory IaaS Azure support at : How to setup an Active Directory domain in Azure