CrateDB Cloud

CrateDB Cloud

Purpose-built database to scale modern applications in a machine data world

If you are struggling to keep growing your IoT use case with rising prices and with maintenance tasks increasingly consuming more and more of your time don't look further - CrateDB Cloud could help you tackle your IoT challenges head-on.


CrateDB is a cloud-native data management engine that orchestrates data through cloud, fog and edge. It provides standard SQL as the interface and enables IoT architectures by seamlessly connecting to other IoT tools. CrateDB is trusted by over 1,600 enterprises, such as ALPLA, RAUCH, TGW Logistics Group, McAfee, Qualtrics, Telefonica, Zumtobel, Comcast and many more.

Wondering how CrateDB works in action? Check out our case study with the plastic manufacturer ALPLA.

Customer reference

“We collect continuous production data, turn it into information and feed it back to floor for specific action. It's incredibly powerful. We also capture huge volumes of raw data long-term for advanced data science going forward.”

Philipp Lehner, CEO Alpla Group


  • High availability
  • High velocity
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Replication and data loss prevention
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning characteristics
  • Simple integration with the digital ecosystem including the Hyperscale Platform

  • Variety: Data-shape agnostic, readily handling structured and unstructured data
  • Aggregation: Runs ad-hoc queries in real-time
  • SQL & No-SQL: Different on the inside. But familiar on the outside with SQL ease and NoSQL agility

Wonder how CrateDB perform against all the other databases out there? 

For a comparison on how we benchmark against other databases, see our IIoT whitepaper here