Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Azure - TB Model


Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Azure - TB Model


Automate sensitive data discovery and masking consistently across 100+ sources in Azure Data Factory

The cloud is filled with personally identifiable information (PII) and other confidential data, fueling privacy and security risk.

Delphix Compliance Services (DCS) for Azure automatically and quickly protects sensitive data in analytics pipelines, ensuring compliance with key privacy and industry regulations while unblocking data movement. DCS is pre-integrated with Azure analytics tools and seamlessly ensures compliance for Azure ETL data flows.

DCS for Azure benefits your analytics initiatives by:

  • Automatically masking data governed by privacy or industry laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA

  • Eliminating data bottlenecks by integrating compliance within Azure Data Factory (ADF) or Synapse Analytics ETL flows

  • Masking and tokenizing data with pre-built algorithms designed to preserve data relationships

  • Leveraging the same secure algorithms across clouds and data centers for multicloud referential integrity

Key Features

  • Automatically discover sensitive data and mask ETL data flows

  • Transform sensitive values into realistic yet synthetic data to ensure data quality and compliance

  • Consistently mask data across the multicloud to provide referential integrity

  • Accelerate masking with a library of pre-built and customizable masking algorithms

  • For supported data sources (like Cosmos and Azure SQL), mask only incremental data, using change data capture (CDC) functionality to accelerate pipeline speed and data refresh while reducing storage space and costs

  • Save versions of masked data for collaborative and consistent development and testing

  • Reduce data volumes with subsetting, as data is masked, to save time, costs

  • Use codeless templates and pre-built integrations with ADF and Azure Synapse Analytics to automatically integrate data compliance into end-to-end data flows

  • Leverage 100+ ADF connectors to move compliant data where it’s needed along with Delphix fast-start templates for key enterprise applications like SAP