Emailgistics for Microsoft 365: Free Trial


Emailgistics for Microsoft 365: Free Trial


Reduce the manual workload of team inboxes and boost customer satisfaction with Emailgistics.

Emailgistics is the leading team inbox management solution for Microsoft 365, delivering powerful workflow and analytics features. We directly enhance your experience within Microsoft Outlook and provide tools to help your team automate workflow, boost productivity, and facilitate team collaboration with our Outlook add-in.

Our goal is to empower you to do the most for your customers:

Real-time customizable dashboards monitor metrics important to your team, empowering you to make informed decisions to keep on top of SLAs. Reporting tools track trends and performance, providing invaluable insights to ensure excellent customer service.

Key Features:

  • Outlook Client: Users continue to work in Outlook (desktop or OWA) to manage team email and enjoy enhanced collaborative capabilities with the Emailgistics Add-in.
  • Office 365 Secure: Emailgistics works alongside O365, not as a stand-alone product. This means you maintain all the security and compliance that Microsoft has to offer.
  • Automatic Distribution: Intelligently route emails to available team members based on their personal schedules and current workload.
  • Custom Routing Rules: Easily create complex workflows by defining your own custom rules. An extensive library of conditions and actions provides incredible power for improving team efficiency.
  • Sub-team Assignment: Assign certain emails to only the team members that have the skills to handle them by creating ad-hoc sub-teams within rules.
  • Manual Availability: Control user availability manually or with defined user schedules. Ensure emails are not distributed to users who aren’t working.
  • Conversation Tools: Keep everything inside Outlook. Conversation tools make it easy to comment on customer emails without forwards, CCs, or using external chat tools.
Say goodbye to email chaos and hello to productivity! With Emailgistics, achieving Inbox Zero is no longer a dream. We empower teams with a comprehensive solution that streamlines email management, promotes seamless collaboration, and drives productivity across your organization. Get started today and experience the power of effortless team inbox management.

How does Emailgistics work?

Emailgistics overcomes the challenges of managing your team inboxes by:

1. Routing email to the right team members

2. Monitoring and managing your team's performance in real-time

3. Tracking, reviewing, and auditing team's performance over time

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