Hancom Pass

Hancom Secure

Hancom Pass

Hancom Secure

The integrated platform of FIDO 1.0 and FIDO2 provides users with the seamless authentication.

This application is only available in Korean.

Unified FIDO experience

The unified FIDO solution is embracing passwordlesssystem to deliver streamlined authentication experience.

The integrated platform of FIDO 1.0 andFIDO2 provides users with the seamless authentication experience from mobile todesktop.

The FIDO Standards-based authenticationis convenient and more secure than a password

Trusted hardware

User’s critical biometric data andprivate key is securely stored in USB type fingerprint module. This trustedhardware module helps to ensure that the critical data hasn’t been physicallytempered with. Windows Hello supported

Cloud Infrastructure

The unified FIDO solution can be deployedon cloud infrastructure. This enable cloud based solution to easily use FIDOauthentication experience.