Novacoast Managed Security Services

Novacoast, Inc.

Novacoast Managed Security Services

Novacoast, Inc.

Novacoast is a full service security organization. This includes managed SIEM, EDR/MDR, Vulnerability Management (VM), Managed DLP, Phishing Monitoring, Managed Endpoint Protection, Pentesting Services, Incident Response, and Security Engineering.

From monitoring and investigation to optimization and customizations of tools, to remediation and incident response, our analysts, engineers, and developers cover the bases. Below is our current list of managed services: Managed Services utilize your Microsoft Azure environment.

  • Azure Sentinel, Co-managed SIEM:
  • A co-managed solution employs a blended group of cybersecurity engineers and operations experts to run, manage, and perfect the tools of security information and events, while you retain total ownership.

  • Microsoft Defender, Managed EDR (MDR:
  • Managed EDR, or MDR, capitalizes on next generation endpoint protection technology by allowing our team of analysts, threat hunters, and operations experts to optimize and tune your EDR for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Microsoft Defender, Vulnerability Management:
  • At its core, vulnerability management is the practice of operationalizing the risk of known vulnerabilities to aid in making decisions about remediation.

  • Microsoft Defender, Phishing Monitoring:
  • The user-focused phishing attack, in which recipients of fraudulent email are deceived into revealing sensitive information or clicking malicious links, remains the most effective and common cause of security incidents across industries.

  • Microsoft Purview, Managed DLP:
  • DLP is a core element of any overarching data security strategy, but it requires a tuned approach to avoid creating a high analyst workload. Our SOC can monitor your DLP or help develop a more efficient usage in a greater data security program.

  • Microsoft Defender, Managed Firewall, IDS, IPS:
  • Firewalls are the first line of perimeter defense and require steadfast maintenance and operation to achieve 100% uptime. Configuration assistance, patching, monitoring, capacity planning — we've got it covered.

  • Pen Testing Services:
  • Our hyper-focused penetration testing team will emulate bad actors to find vulnerabilities in assets and evaluate how badly they can be abused toward the goal of malicious access. The end result is a clear understanding of customer security posture and focal points for improvement.

  • Security Engineering Services:
  • Novacoast offers full spectrum IT engineering and software development services to provide necessary advisory, design, and implementation where challenging integration is necessary to improve maturity.

  • Incident Response:
  • Novacoast's Incident Response Unit is prepared to assess, investigate, and contain in the event an incident, breach, or systemic threat occurs.