This app lets you deploy a Jamstack site of your own using Stackbit’s tools to Azure.

What is Stackbit?

Stackbit is the first open, complete platform for the Jamstack. It’s the easiest way to get started with the best tools for the modern web. Whether you're a developer getting started on the Jamstack, a web designer switching from a design-first platforms, or a marketer looking to leverage modern web technologies, Stackbit enables you to easily build and edit Jamstack sites using a simple, intuitive interface

Why Jamstack?

Jamstack websites are faster, more secure, enjoy more integrations and tooling and now, with Stackbit, are finally easy to maintain by anyone. We are proud to welcome Azure as a deployment partner to allow Stackbit users to deploy their sites directly to their Azure platform.

How Do I Get Started?

To build a site on Stackbit, install the Azure Marketplace application and enter your Managed Resource Group ID. Then you can select which theme you’d like to work with:  It can be a modular Stackbit theme from our theme collection or a Stackbit-supported theme from Stackbit will generate a fully-functioning Jamstack website for you in minutes, and you will then be placed inside a Studio editor. You’ll be able to edit your site inline, see live previous, invite collaborators to work with you, add SEO capabilities, publish granularly, do A/B testing and much more.