Wordpress on Xampp Windows

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Wordpress on Xampp Windows

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Wordpress Xampp Windows

Xampp is the best program to deploy and manage a WordPress website, It also has phpmyadmin that make it easy for you to manage your databases.

After creating the VM:

1 - Copy and paste the public ip of the VM on your browser.

2 – When configuring the database for WordPress use the following info

  • The database name is test “you can create another database it if you want, by using phpmyadmin from the Cloud VM”
  • The username is root “you can create another user if you want, also from phpmyadmin on the Cloud VM”
  • There is no password for the user root “also the database remote access is disabled”
  • The database host in the configuration is the localhost, just type localhost


1 - It will take nearly 15 minutes to start the VM “This is the case If you set the VM with 2 cores and 8 GB ram.”

2 – It is better if you don’t configure WordPress from the localhost “on the cloud VM” otherwise you may face some issues latter.

3 – This VM image has the following TCP ports opened by default. 80, 443, 3389

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