IOT Bricks on AZURE - 10 Week Imp


Companies are looking for business oriented IoT solutions, that impacts in cost and efficiency, and move towards digital transformation.

IoT Bricks is a solution based on an implementation of reusable assets built in Azure from real credentials and complemented with Seidor professional services to aline cloud technology, usability and functionality. The solution is 100% based on Microsoft IoT resources and combining the IoT and IIoT reference architectures for an integrated solution if needed. IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Functions, Data Lake, SQL Databases, Data Factory, Data Bricks, Active Directory, APP services are some of the typical resources used in IoT Bricks Solution, and our IoT Certified (AZ-220) consultants can provide the necessary professional services to adapt them to the requirements. We cover from manufactured assets (IoT) to industrial manufacturing processes (IIoT - OT) in an end-to-end IoT solution, to gain control over the data generated and create new opportunities and business models over that.

The solution can deliver flexible solutions to cover requirements on monitoring, servitization, operational efficiency, process optimization, maintenance services, OEE or be able to add a BI control panel at any level in the customized solution. Typical projects agenda:

  1. Project and Technology assessment (2 wk)
  2. Base solution implementation on Azure (reusable assets + professional services) (8 wk)
  3. Evolutive upgrades (depends on solution)

Our extended capabilities makes possible to cover any aspect of the solution end-to-end: • IoT / OT Hardware • Data Science • Integration Services • Applications • Governance Services • Business Consultancy