Provide customer an assessment report for ASP.NET based applications Cloud-Native Transformation.

This application is only available in Japanese.

Migration into the cloud is not "Lift and shift"

".Lift-and-shift" in the Cloud transformation is a migration of existing architecture as they are. Many cases move to a cloud environment built with IaaS, but it cannot be said that they are benefiting from the cloud, and the existing issue in current systems. KOSMISCH enables migration at the application level rather than just a "lift and shift", and it realizes customer's Cloud-Native Transformation.


KOSMISCH is a service that supports application development in Cloud-Native Transformation. Analyzes the source code of existing applications and reports on the issues required for Cloud-Native Transformation. Reported issues are necessary tasks for Cloud-Native Transformation and are important design items in application development. By developing applications based on this report, it is possible to lower the hurdles of complex cloud native design process. It can also be used as a cloud-native assessment tool to evaluate legacy applications.

Use cases of KOSMISCH

KOSMISCH can be applied to various Cloud-Native Transformation environments.

Migrate from ASP.NET to the latest .NET Core

Migrating ASP.NET applications running on Windows Server 2008, which will soon become EOS, to the latest .NET Core will make it easier to migrate to PaaS on Microsoft Azure. KOSMISCH's ASP.NET application analysis engine (KOSMISCH Monolith) enables Cloud-Native Transformation at the application level instead of the traditional lift-and-shift.

Use as design process support for new application development

In the case of an agile development, there are so much rapid releases while making prototypes. As soon as you write the code, analyze it with KOSMISCH and check it. Analyze the code as you write it. It is possible to do development and design simultaneously in agile development by repeating these process. This application is only available in Japanese.