Google Workspace to Microsoft 365


Google Workspace to Microsoft 365


Plans and Pricing
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Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Our range of tools ensures a smooth Google Worspace (Google Apps) to Office 365 migration.
The platform interface is user-friendly, straightforward and built to handle projects of all size from small to a large volume of data.

Designed to integrate with Google and Microsoft 365

  • Migrate Gmail mailboxes and Google Vaults as well as attachments, calendars, contacts, folders, tasks and lots more.
  • We also support Google Drive data to OneDrive or SharePoint Online, Google Sites to SharePoint Online.

& Google Shared Drives & Google Groups to Office 365 groups or Microsoft Teams!

Powerful features for Google Workspace to Office 365

Enjoy our all-in-one solution with high performance: high speed, high security and no data loss.
Get your cloud migration started quickly with a leading and proven technology.

  • The most complete solution for Google to Microsoft 365 migration
  • A Google drive migration solution that preserves the permissions
  • We support Google Sites and Google Groups migration
  • Keep your business running and avoid downtimes

A trusted experience with a global reach

We are experts in Google and Microsoft 365 migration — it’s the most popular cloud migration scenario that we support.