Cold Chain Monitoring

Wipro Ltd

Cold Chain Monitoring

Wipro Ltd

Ensure cold chain integrity and reduce product wastage

Solution Description:

Secure Cold Chain Solution from Wipro addresses some of the major challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical Industry in the drug supply chain. This solution stack comprises of Custom Sensors, IoT Platform and Blockchain to help transform supply chain security, compliance and cold chain wastage by generating geospatial alerts and breach notifications in the event of a temperature excursion or drug counterfeiting attempt. The solution is extendable to other industries where the integrity of the supply chain has to be maintained.


Business Benefits:

Improve patient safety - Helps minimize drug spoilage during cold chain transportation with highly accurate temperature monitoring.

    • Detailed insight
    • Enhanced visibility
    • Cloud connectivity

Reduce loss - Helps provide timely delivery, analysis and remediation concerning the product, enabling proactive management and preventing monetary loss.

    • Increased automation
    • Business rules application
    • Temperature validation

Preserve brand reputation - Helps protect against counterfeit products entering the system.

    • Interoperable
    • Tamper-proof 
    • Breach notification