Azure VMware Solution: 3-node AV36 Cluster / 100 VMs - Design and Implementation Services


Design and Implementation of Azure VMware Solution

Azure VMware Solution is a fully managed service by Microsoft that enables organizations to seamlessly migrate, extend, and run VMware workloads on Azure using a familiar operating environment. It provides scalability, flexibility, and access to Azure services and allows hybrid cloud strategies. AVS simplifies migration, modernization, and management while reducing infrastructure costs and enabling businesses to focus on innovation and growth.

Top five Azure VMware Solution Customer Use Cases There are five primary use cases for AVS that our customers are using for their digital transformations:

  • Application Modernization: is simplified if apps are migrated to AVS where they can be incrementally modernized by attaching them to Azure services or gradually refactoring them to cloud-native standards using either Azure Kubernetes Service or Tanzu solution running directly on AVS.
  • Cloud Migration: is perhaps the most common AVS use case. It applies to customers that need to move to the cloud due to trigger events such as C-level mandates, lease expirations, CapEx-to-OpEx transitions, and aged out hardware.
  • Data Center Expansion: is a use case that applies to customers that need extra capacity in the cloud to handle demand spikes with various causes. A related reason to expand operations to Azure on AVS is Windows Server and SQL Server software that is beyond its end-of-support date, after which customers would need to pay prohibitive prices to Microsoft to receive security updates unless the workloads are migrated to Azure.
  • Desktop Virtualization: VMware Horizon VDI can run on a native VMware platform and be managed as an extension to the on-premises environment. Horizon on AVS also provides an excellent disaster recovery solution to protects on-premises Horizon desktops.
  • Disaster Recovering in the Cloud: is enabled by support for VMware Site Recovery Manager and other 3rd-party DR solutions in AVS. SRM on AVS lets customers replace their own DR facilities by using Azure and AVS as their DR site. SRM on AVS provides all the reliability and testability advantages of VMware's premier DR solution. SRM also lets customers protect workloads running in AVS by replicating them and recovering them on AVS running in other Azure locations for cloud-to-cloud DR.

Key Customer Benefits: Transitioning to the cloud is a complex matter that requires careful consideration. As a result, challenges are bound to arise, potentially causing delays or even bringing cloud migration projects to a complete standstill. AVS helps your organization overcome these challenges by bringing the VMware environment and operating model you know to the leading enterprise public cloud that Microsoft Azure offers by providing the following:

  • No need to re-skill the IT teams
  • No need to change operating processes
  • Minimizing or even eliminating issues related to disruptions and downtime
  • Eliminating the need to refactor legacy apps