Disaster Recovery as a Service (6 Wks Assessment)


Performance will review every aspect of your on-premise VM and physically hosted application pool and produce a recommended plan to provide advanced Backup, Disaster Recovery and BC Plan on Azure

Azure Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services Azure offers a multitude of services for ICT disaster recovery and continuity, as well as the industry leading elastic infrastructure to support almost any such need.. Performance helps you harness this power and flexibility during all phases of your ICT continuity plan.

Our engineers are well-versed in the Azure ecosystem, and are specifically trained for continuity related services such as Azure Site Recovery, Automation, Traffic Manager, Azure Backup and of course VMs and related storage space and networking.

We will help you navigate through Azure BC/CR configuration options and customize components such as: • Policy based replication coordination • Recovery automation in case of need • Orchestration for complex services • Networking customization • Testing recovery scenarios • Service-level configuration

Project and Phases A continuity plan is really a process that never stops evolving, just as your organization and your systems never stop changing. However, we approach every major redesign, as well as every refresh, within a proven framework that includes the following major phases: • Assessment & Plan creation • Engineer & Deploy DR Plan • Operation – Testing – Feedback • Process & Principles