75F uses smart sensors and controls to make commercial buildings healthier and more efficient.

75F is a vertically-integrated building intelligence company using smart sensors and controls to make commercial buildings more healthy, comfortable and efficient than ever before.   

Built on Microsoft Azure, the 75F system leverages the power of the cloud to store and evaluate millions of building data points daily, making your building proactive rather than reactive. 75F's out-of-the-box solution delivers indoor air quality management and industry-leading efficiency through predictive control of HVAC and lighting equipment.  

Buildings are dynamic entities. Your control system should be, too

Your building is dynamic. That's why we created a smart solution that predicts, analyzes, monitors and controls your building's hot and cold spots before they occur.  

By continually monitoring a room's needs, analyzing incoming data, and controlling what goes in and out, our system effectively manages your building's energy loads. This prevents thermal discomfort by eliminating temperature imbalances, regardless of which heating or cooling system you have. The process saves money and energy – a typical 75F user saves an average of 41.8 percent in energy costs.  

Whether a building manager oversees one building or hundreds, they can manage their occupant experience from a single pane of glass, monitor equipment health, and save energy. React to your changing environment by deploying custom sequences, such as 75F Epidemic Mode, an offering that automates increased outdoor air ventilation during a pandemic.