Intelligent Data Analytics Platform


Intelligent Data Analytics Platform


A Data Platform to enable smart decision making, real business innovation and AI/ML based outputs.


We have observed a gradual rise in the number of companies who are using existing data to derive additional insights. More conventionally known as the task of business administration, data analysis has become indispensable to organizations. Companies need efficient long-term data architectures to support them in the ongoing effort to stay on top of current data-related challenges.

To that end, ADDO AI offers a highly scalable, AI enabled, Big Data platform to serve as the main centralized data management infrastructure. The platform will enable efficient decision making for business users, efficient data accessibility for downstream digital applications, and support for data science & machine learning workloads.

The platform will be able to manage and protect the organization’s data assets in order to guarantee generally understandable, correct, complete and secure corporate data. In addition to this, it will also be able to monitor data, resources, and applications to review and evaluate the health and the performance of the whole system.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to give users a cohesive view of data from multiple sources

  • Ability to process large volumes of data and derive better decisions

  • Faster delivery of analytics

  • Streamlined business operations

  • Make data available throughout an enterprise to those with proper permissions

  • Improve data governance