Centralized log transformation at the edge

Programmatically manage your logs’ journey by enriching, smart filtering, and anonymizing observability data at the edge using a shapeshifting pipeline before routing it to cost-efficient destinations of choice.  

Opsbrew uses a shapeshifting pipeline that minimizes the number of agents and collectors, shares dashboards for multiple applications, and feeds a large array of systems. This pipeline comes with fine-grained controls and processing capabilities to control data volumes and cardinality with a smart and responsive system that can turn up the granularity of such data on demand.  

Opsbrew can also decouple data sources from the destinations and provide a buffer. This makes observability data easily consumable. By using Opsbrew, all the data is brewed at the edge before it is sent to cost-efficient destinations. This grants Opsbrew the flexibility of adding or removing data sinks, whilst providing a buffer between data producers and consumers as well. 

Standard1 BU allows you to attach 1 CPU and 2 GB resource to opsbrew$400/month



  •  Anonymization of data before reaching log analytic solutions 
  • Outstanding data onboarding experience 

  • Smart filtering of real-time data flow 

  • Auto-parsing based on the source 

  • Multi-source and multi-destination capabilities out of the box 

  • Rule-based alerts on endpoint deviations 

  • Real-time data flow dashboard 

  • Data enrichment  

  • Licensing is not based on the log volume