Modernise Accounting Processes With Automated Reconciliation #AppliedAI

Rectify Discrepancies

RecBuddy enables accountants to certify transactions and rectify discrepancies that occur in a ledger. Eliminate manual comparison of data from bank and credit card statements and invoices. RecBuddy automatically applies standardised templates and preconfigured rules to lists of transactions to quickly identify discrepancies and notify relevant users regardless of the account, balance sheet, banking or profit and loss etc. Justify transaction approvals or rejections with supporting documentation to enhance reconciliation validity.

About the Platform

  • Preconfigured Workflows – Designed by
  • Preconfigured Rules – Designed by
  • Dashboard Reporting Flexibility
  • Leveraging RPA and AI for Flexibility
  • Limitless integrations with ERPs

RecBuddy Features


RecBuddy’s dashboard is designed to be fully customisable, with complete flexibility of dashboard configuration. Integrate existing dashboards from Power BI and Tableau, and create easy to understand data tables for use in other reporting tools.

Account Approval and Rejection

Be notified of discrepancies quickly through email, SMS, or mobile alerts. Approve or reject an account based on transaction information. Reconcile and justify transactions by attaching supporting documentation.

Intelligent Match

Use intelligent matching to highlight transactions that don’t match the actual money spent. Move an incorrect transaction to another account and automatically generate a correction transaction.

AI Analysis

Utilise machine learning to analyse historical transactions, training the model on expected account activity. Run an anomaly analysis to identify unusual activity and investigate flagged transactions.